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Lagan Henna Cone's| 12 Piece !

Lagan henna mehndi cone is use for design something on hands & Foots when celeberate festival or happiest moments . These are not just designs, but an emotional bond, which remains forever. The lagan henna cone is excellence when it comes to designing beautiful, impressive and vibrant on your hands, legs and other body parts.

What are you Looking For ?

  • The Lagan henna mehndi cone is made up of 100% pure leaves of Henna.
  • No side effect of using lagan henna cone on every part of body's skin.
  • Keep it on your hand till it becomes dried and after 60 minutes apply the mixture of sugar and lemon for getting the better result and color.
  • Shelf life lagan henna cone is 1 Year
  • Keep it in cool and dry places.

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