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Top Henna Cones Manufacturer & Exporter in India!
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Top Henna Cones Manufacturer & Exporter in India | Wholesale Dealer!

We are manufacturer, supplier, exporter & wholesale henna cones, black mehandi cones, henna paste dealers in India. We are own manufacturing of our brand which name as Lagan henna cones and It is the liquide paste of henna and these henna paste is fill in cone type shape pen for easily holdable in hand that is known as henna cones or glitter henna cones, Now you are thinking it easy to making henna cones but you are wrong because you need some knowledge of proper ratio of henna powder, water and other herbal ingredients to spread deep & dark color on the skin part of the body!

Don't waste your important time to making it, so we are here henna cone manufacturer, supplier, Exporter & wholesale dealer of henna cones. We provide you ready made henna cones in bulk quantity and if you want to buy only a Lagan henna cones then buy henna cones online on amazon, amazon buisness & other all ecommerce like flipkart, Shopclues, Ebay etc. 

We are also provide OEM Services  to our clients, So if you searching for OEM services for you brand then It’s good thing that you are here so for it kindly submit the enquiry form we will contact you with in 24-48 hours !

What are you Looking For ?

  1. The Lagan henna mehndi cone is made up of 100% pure leaves of Henna.
  2. No side effect of using lagan henna cone on every part of body's skin.
  3. Keep it on your hand till it becomes dried and after 60 minutes apply the mixture of sugar and lemon for getting the better result and color.
  4. Shelf life lagan henna cone is 1 Year
  5. Keep it in cool and dry places.