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indigo powder for hair

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Lagan Indigo Powder

Indigo powder is the mixture of dry leaves of indigo plants which is very famous for coloring of hair and Many people know it as black henna but it gives a light blue color. If we used indigo powder with natural henna powder then it gives your hair color's dark brown to shiny black color. It is also used to coloring the clothes to get a denim blue color and The botanical name of indigo powder is indogofera tinctoria

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1.Fill the enqury form to buy indigo powder in bulk quantity & Also for distributorship of Lagan beauty products !

3.Lagan Indigo powder is the mixture of dry Indigo leaves.

4. Lagan Indigo powder is multitimes refined and It is 100% Pure & Herbal!

5. Lagan Indigo powder has no side effects to use Lagan Indigo Powders

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